Yaesu vx-1 owners manual

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TX manual Deviation Adjustment (MAX DEV) Squelch Hysteresis Adjustment (HIS SQL) m Rotate the dial for minimum squelch hysteresis.
Also, Circuit Description it switches Q1048 (KRC654U) owners to disable the receiver circuits.
144 MHz SUB Band Alignment Squelch Hysteresis Adjustment (HIS SQL) m Rotate the dial for minimum squelch hysteresis.B CK CJ CH CK CH CH CH CH CH CH CK CH CH C CK CH CK CH CK CH CH CH CH CH CH C CH CH CH CH CK CJ CH CH CH mfrs desig UMK105B102KW-F UMK105CK020CW-F UMK105B102KW-F UMK105CK010CW-F UMK105CJ030CW-F UMK105CH070DW-F GRM36CK0R5B50PT.Element manual transistor manual transistor transistor transistor IC IC value 1uF.001uF.001uF 33uF.01uF.001uF.001uF.001uF 33uF 33uF 22uF.7uF.001uF.001uF 150uH 150uH V/W 10V 50V 50V 4V 16V 50V 50V 50V 4V 4V.3V 50V 50V TOL.Serial PLL data from the CPU is converted into parallel data by the shift register in the PLL IC and is latched into the comparative frequency divider and reference frequency divider to set a frequency dividing ratio for each.R 1043 R 1044 R 1045 R 1046 R 1049 R 1050 owners R 1051 R 1052 R 1052 R 1053 R 1054 R 1055 R 1056 R 1057 R 1058 R 1059 R 1060 R 1061 manual R 1062 R 1063 R 1064 R 1065.Value.001uF.001uF owners 1uF 1uF 33pF 27pF 33pF 27pF 18pF 10pF 22pF 10pF 22pF 15pF 15pF.01uF.001uF 56pF.7uF 120pF.001uF.001uF.01uF.001uF.01uF.001uF.001uF.001uF.022uF 1uF.001uF.001uF.001uF.001uF.001uF.001uF.001uF 10pF 12pF 22pF.001uF.01uF 33pF 1pF.

B c5 client b2 c4 c4 a3 b2 c5 b2 b5 b6 c1 c1 c1 B2 b4 c2 c4 d6 a5 a2 media c1 a1 51 cntl Unit Note: 52 VCO Unit Circuit Diagram Parts Layout Side A Side B DTC143ZE (E23) (Q4001, 4003, 4007) EC3H07B (G).
C 2136 chip CAP.
Next, select the 430 MHz band, then turn the transceiver off.
Vxstd P/N À U9900137 Á U9900138 Â U07225120 Ã U9900136 Ä RA0304300 Å U00103002 polaroid Æ U00104002 Ç U9900140 È U44104002 É U9900141 U07125102 discription binding gratuit head manual screw M2X21.7 (W/ O ring) binding head screw M2X5 (W/ O ring) PAN head screw M2X2.5SUS#1 special screw M2X2.35.USA export germany CK CK CH generator C CH C CH CH C C CH CH C B CH C B CH CH CK CK CH UMK105CK020CW-F UMK105CK020CW-F UMK105CH220JW-F UMK105B102KW-F pobierz UMK105CH101JW-F UMK105CH560JW-F UMK105B102KW-F UMK105B102KW-F GRM36B104K10PT GRM36B103K16PT GRM36B104K10PT UMK105CJ030CW-F UMK105B102KW-F UMK105CH060DW-F UMK105B102KW-F UMK105CJ030CW-F UMK105B102KW-F UMK105CH330JW-F UMK105CH101JW-F UMK105B102KW-F.A5 a6 a5 a5 a5 a3 a3 a3 a3 a3 a3 b6 b6 b6 b6 c6 c6 c6 c6 c6 c5 b6 b6 b6 b5 b5 b5 b5 b5 b5 b5 a5 a6 a6 a5 a6 a5 a6 a3 a3 a4 a4 a4.RF Unit 19, aF Unit 33, cNTL Unit.C 2168 chip CAP.

Alignment Introduction and Precautions Required Test Equipment The VX-7R has been carefully aligned at the factory for the specified yaesu vx-1 owners manual performance across the specified amateur bands.
Value.7k 22k 10k 100k 10k 1k 220 22k 10k 100 10k.7k.3k.5k 220 10k 330k 10k.7k.3k 15k 330k 100 10k 680.3k 560k 10k 470 10k 10k 10k 330k 10k 330k.7k.3k 1k 220k.7k 1M 100k.